Multi-pair heat and moisture resistant signal cable, teflon insulated and sheath, SS braided

3-core x 2.5 sq mm flexible rubber insulated cable, as per IS:9968

Multi-pair signal cable, each pair and overall shielded, armoured

Single core 2.5 sq mm PVC insulated wire

Multi-pair signal cable, for intrinsically safe applications, overall shielded and armoured

2-core x 1.2 sq mm type K compensating cable, fibre glass insulation and sheath, heat resistant upto 300 deg C

3-core x 2.5 sq mm unarmoured control cable, as per IS:694

2-pair x 0.5 sq mm thermocouple extension for type K, overall shielded and armoured

Multi-pair thermocouple extension cable for type K Chromel-Alumel thermocouple, each pair and overall shielded, armoured

Multi-core shielded signal cable with fibre glass fillers

4-core x 95 sq mm heavy duty electrical cable, with 4 earthing cores, EPR insulated, PCP sheath, as per IS:9968

Single core x 150 sq mm HT cable 6.6 KV grade, semi-conducting tape, silicon rubber insulated, outer sheath fibre glass with high temperature varnish, to withstand temperature of 250 deg C

2-core x 1.0 sq mm flexible type S compensating cable, EPR insulated, shielded with ATC braiding, overall PCP sheath

2-core x 1.2 sq mm type S compensating cable, PVC insulation and sheath

2-pair x 0.75 sq mm overall shielded signal cable

Single core super-flexible 8 AWG cable, tinned copper conductor, silicon rubber insulated